Pax Pack EES 2016 Final (5)

We have pleasure to inform that we have received funds to realize following projects:

  1. In the frame of Erasmus + Programme, National Agency of Erasmus + Programme, Project: “Empower Entrepreneurial Spirit”. The countries involved in the project are 10: Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy. The project will gather 30 participants -youth workers, volunteers from partner organizations.

The main goal of the project is to indicate importance of education on social entrepreneurship and empowering entrepreneurial spirit among young people by showing participants methods such as effective communication, creative thinking, conflict resolution, team work, how to develop and successfully lead social enterprise.

The project foreseen two international activities: Training Course in Olsztynek, Poland/ September 2016/Hosting Partner: Association For Non Formal Education and Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia/March 2016/ Hosting Partner: Center for Excellence in Development.

2. Fond of Civic Initiatives 2016/ Ministry of Labour and Social Policy / Project: ” Women Leadership Power!” – a project will gather 20 women in the age 30-60 years old from 4 municipalities ( Olsztynek , Dywity , Barczewo and Gietrzwałd ) . During the project there will be 4 training courses , women will carry out innovative projects for their local communities , there is planned as well a study visit to 2 social cooperatives from Warmia and Mazury region . The project aim is to empower women to lead local initiatives and strengthening their socio – economic involvment.

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